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My Granny's Cookies DELIVERS AND SHIPS

I will deliver locally in and around Austin, Tx; will ship if you are out of town!


Bobbi will be conducting interactive baking events teaching entrepreneurship and life skills for success while sharing her story of turning bad choices into dreams and success.

Bobbi's Story


  •  These cookies are like crack~! Addicting! I ate the entire bag in one shot!---Stacy B. 
  • Your scrumptious cookies arrived and I devoured them in 5 minutes.  Ok, I lied, 2 minutes, I repent.---Tony M. 
  • These cookies are amazing! I love the size! Each cookie is the perfect amount!---Stephanie S.
  • The chocolate is perfect it melts as soon as it hits my tongue, I don’t like chalky chocolate; I like the crispy on the edge but they are still soft.  After you left, I dug back in the bag and kept eating them, one by one!---Michael W. 
  • Your cookies are incredibly delicious! They did not last long.  You have a winner and your passion for making the world a better place with your cookies will flourish.  Will place an order around the holidays for sure!---Lynne B. W. 
  • Bobbi, I really enjoyed talking to you too, and you're cookies are delicious!---Nick A.
  • Hi Bobbi, I just wanted to say thank you for the cookies.  They taste AMAZING!!!! My brother thinks so too.---Mazen K. 
  • Bobbi, Those cookies really are amazing!---Greg Santos
  • Bobbi, your cookies came today, and we LOVED them!  Chocolate Chip Oatmeal are my favorite cookies, and yours are delicious!  Thank you for sweet card and beautifully wrapped box!  I loved the photo of you and your Granny!  I am sure your business will thrive!  Thanks again, Sharon - - - Sharon K. 
  • Bobbi, I got your cookies yesterday, not a broken one til it hit my mouth.  I ate all the cookies in one shot, it's like they say, "You can't eat just one!" - - - Tim K. 


When you subscribe to My Granny's Cookie lovers club you will receive free dozen cookies! 


Stay tuned to My Granny's Cookies journey.  I will be partnering with organization who minister to teens in need and giving back!  



Shoot me an e-mail, or go on YELP reviews and let me know what you thought of My Granny's Cookies!  “Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising.” –Milton Hershey, entrepreneur  

 “Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer.” –Jonathan Mindenhall, CMO of Airbnb